For Individuals

Change is all around, without it your business or organisation will quickly slip into decline. So change is here to stay – some say the rate of change is increasing.

To prosper, each one of us needs to find ways to embrace change – so that we can make a positive contribution to our future.

Do you recognise any of these situations?

  • “I keep making suggestions but they keep falling on deaf ears”.
  • “I just get used to the system and they change it again!”.
  • “I’m trying to make things better.  Why are they resisting so much?”

Do-little’s Training and Mentoring services will help you appreciate how change works. This will enable you to make a real difference within your organisation and beyond.

 Become an Effective Change Leader

not a Change Victim


Training for individuals includes:

  • Vanquish Your Business Gremlins
  • Inspire & Influence
  • Focus and Align Your Objectives

Do-little’s toolkit for change is based on many years of research into best practice in a wide range of disciplines.