ICT Sector

Our ICT clients benefit from Do-little's innovation and improvement services for individuals and organisations.  Additionally we provide ICT Supplier Certification support.

ICT Supplier Certification for SMEs

What are the benefits of ICT Certification?

Here is what our clients say:

  • "I'm too close to the business operation - Its given me a independent view of our strengths and weaknesses - Now I can focus on improving what is important"
  • "I wish we had done this when our company first set out - It's a great template for best practice"
  • "It's good to get recognised for all the work we do - It helps to give confidence to our customers"
  • "Our assessor gave lots of improvement ideas - More of a business mentor than an auditor"

Why does Do-little support Accredit UK ICT Certification?

  • Strong benefits achieved by candidate companies
  • Rigorous and flexible enough to be relevant to all SMEs
  • Has followed a similar development path to other established standards, e.g. PRINCE 2
  • Growing recognition within the West Midlands and the rest of the UK

 Do-little and Associates are qualified Accredit UK assessors and have contributed to the development of the Accredit UK standard and processes.