The answer is YES & YES! ... so what’s the question?


“Does your Business want More Loyal Customers and Increased Sales?”

Unless you are selling a simple commodity, your product or service is likely to have a significant impact on your customer’s operation.

  • To make the sale, typically many people need to “buy into” your offer, e.g. decision makers, experts and users. They all need to be able to envision the outcome and know that it is worthwhile and achievable.
  • To achieve full value from your sale - your customer needs to successfully implement the change.

Making this easy for your customer is the secret of building a strong and lasting relationship.


Knowing about successful change will enable you to anticipate and respond to your customer's needs.

Don’t just think about your product - Take the customer viewpoint.

  • What else does your customer need in order to make it work?
  • When does your customer need it?
  • How might you be able to help?

Do-little will help you to reshape and supplement your products and services; and to refocus communication by providing information at the right time.

Why not educate?  Get your marketing & sales team to teach your customer about “Successful Change”.

Practical Approach:

Do-little uses a combination of facilitation, training, mentoring and getting our hands dirty on real innovation & improvement projects.

Ask Do-little about Creating an Effective Customer Journey