Entrepreneurs, it's time to get your mojo back!

Lots of leaders have been bashed around by the recession and related events of the last few years. Even confident entrepreneurs seem to have lost their edge and some are hardly recognizable.

Just last week I was speaking to an client I last worked with a few of years ago. Back then he had a big vision and was going all out to make things happen. He was full of energy and had a sense of direction. At that time obstacles seemed easy to overcome.

Now the recession has had a vampire like effect sucking out the energy, leaving a shell that is just surviving not thriving. How has this happened?

Negativity is everywhere: - The press, the corridor conversations and your own experience. For many people this has become overwhelming.

Last year I wrote a blog article titled "All I am Saying is Give Innovation a Chance". It's worth another look at this, as the message remains valid in the current marketplace. But you may need to defeat the vampire that is holding you back before you can begin.

If you are feeling stuck like this, here are a few things you can do to get your mojo back.

(1) Tap into the Power of the Positive

Positive energy is all around us. It's a new day, the sun is shining (somewhere!). Work with positive people and access your inner strength.

(2) Learn how to Treat Failure as a Enabler

Failure is seen as a key feature in achieving high performance. All the medalists in the London 2012 games have gained from their earlier failures.

This will be the subject of my next BLOG article.

(3) Review & Renew your Vision.

A vision shaped in the noughties may not fit today. No point working on a faster telegraph now the web is here. Similarly there is no point pretending it's business as usual, many markets have changed beyond recognition.

Be agile and adapt. Where have we heard that before? Yes it's one of the Do-little Principles.

(4) Take Action - Do a little each day

If the themes in this article is affecting you or yours, do contact Brian Dickinson for a confidential chat.