Failure = Waste: What are you wasting?

Seth Gowin's article in Harvard Business Review "Redefining Failure" identifies 7 types of failure.  

Here are a few:

"Failure of opportunity (I would call this failure to realise the benefits). If your assets are poorly deployed, ignored, or decaying, it’s as if you are destroying them, and you have failed.

Failure of priorities. If your management team chooses to focus on work that doesn’t create value, that’s like sending cash directly to your competitors, and you have failed.

Failure to quit. If your organization sticks with a mediocre idea, facility, or team too long because it lacks the guts to create something better, you have failed."

Do you recognise them in your business?


I would add another Failure to Learn.  Do-little Consulting's agile approach to business will help avoid these traps.