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Do-little encourages and helps others to use BLOGs and social media to help engage with potential clients and partners. As a knowledge based organisation its about time we did the same. 

Over time this BLOG will become a extensive reference source for  "Successful Change". We hope you will follow us and give your feedback.

Are you grateful for your failures?

Most of us find it difficult to be grateful for our failures. Its not part of the UK culture. We incorrectly assume that a failed project implies a failed person. This means that we react in a very negative way.

Here are a few common but negative reactions:

Quad of Aims Origins

I and many of my associates have been using Quad of Aims tool for many years, having first encountered it in the 1980's whilst working at GEC telecommunications or it's successor GPT. 

After such a long time, origins get blurred.  To date, I have considered the Quad of Aims origin in the same way as the music author - "Trad".

Having promoted the Quad of Aims use, via this blog, It's creator has just been in touch. I can now attribute it's origin as the Coverdale Organisation Ltd.

Do-little continues to collect and share best practice - "Quad of Aims" is one of the best.

Entrepreneurs, it's time to get your mojo back!

Lots of leaders have been bashed around by the recession and related events of the last few years. Even confident entrepreneurs seem to have lost their edge and some are hardly recognizable.

Just last week I was speaking to an client I last worked with a few of years ago. Back then he had a big vision and was going all out to make things happen. He was full of energy and had a sense of direction. At that time obstacles seemed easy to overcome.

"All I am Saying is Give Innovation a Chance"

Licking my wounds after a few recent encounters, I’m trying to understand why business leaders find it difficult to use innovation as a way out of recession.

OK, no one can run a business on fresh air so the number one priority for a business in crisis must always be to focus on cash flow, reducing costs if necessary.

Once that is done, Innovation is the obvious next step – Isn’t it? Well it is to me, here’s why:

Big Society - Why talk about this in a BLOG dedicated to Innovation, Improvement and Change?

 Big Society a term I had never heard of a year ago is now making its mark, it’s not just the latest fad. I believe that even without the current government spending cuts, the Big Society movement matches the current needs of the country.We have massive drivers for change:

How do we work together?

A key here is forming an organisation structure with teams that are able to take positive action and deliver results.  

Everyone is Different - Thank Goodness!

Do you find it easy to work with some people and whilst others can be a nightmare?

Failure = Waste: What are you wasting?

Seth Gowin's article in Harvard Business Review "Redefining Failure" identifies 7 types of failure.  

Compelling Vision

Get your Innovation or Improvement proposals off to a good start => Create a Compelling Vision.

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